About us

Dernière modification le 8 juillet 2017

Huma-Num is a Very Large Facility which aims to facilitate the digital turn in humanities and social sciences.

To perform this mission, Huma-Num is built on an original organisation. It organises a collective dialogue with communities via consortia accredited by Huma-Num and provides a technological infrastructure on a national and European scale based on a vast network of partners and operators.

Through consortia of actors in scientific communities, Huma-Num favors the coordination of the collective production of corpora of sources (scientific recommendations, technological best practices). It also provides research teams in the Human and Social sciences with a range of utilities to facilitate the processing, access, storage and interoperability of various types of digital data. This set of shared services comprises the provision of a Grid of services, a platform for the unified access to data (ISIDORE) and long-term archival facilities.

Huma-Num also produces technical Guides to Good Practice for researchers, and can, on occasion, conduct expertise and training initiatives.

Huma-Num coordinates the participation of France in DARIAH and CLARIN. Huma-Num participes also in two H2020 program : Parthenos and Humanities at Scale.

Huma-Num is supported by the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), the University of Aix-Marseille and the Campus Condorcet.